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Pre-designed Templates

There are some specific pre-designed websites that buyers can choose each of them. By replacing the contents, photos and data provided by the BUYER, VGOWeb prepare the Website in the fastest possible time and with the lowest price. In these templates, changes are limited to features like adding or deleting pages, content, images and color of the pages.

VGOWeb can offer these beautiful and performing pre-designed Website for 500$.

Website Designing based on

Customer Needs

In this type of service, the BUYER can order the website as their needs without any limitation by the selected structure and formats. The costs of these websites shall be estimated case-by-case and notified to the buyer.

Website Support and Maintenance Services

The BUYER can benefit these services by making a contract with us for maintaining and supporting their Website. These services include the following:

- System updates (platform, plugins, widgets and software)
- Updating and changing information, images and website content
- Fixing the functional defects and website speed
- Fixing the defects in sending and receiving forms and emails from the website
- Optimizing and improving Database Servers

Online Marketing

Online marketing is an unbelievable opportunity for grow up your business.


High quality of
Website Designing Services

We can design beautiful and performing websites with excelent user experiences
for your valuable customers.


Our clients talk about us

  • Azim Hanif
    In the condition we were in that much hurry, this team could give us very good and fast service.
    Azim Hanif
  • Zeynep
    I'm very fastidious and sensitive about quality. They were so patient in tolerating my too many change requests. Finally I got what I wanted. Great Job guys. 
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