Delivery and Payment Conditions :

Delivery of ordered Website to a client and the BUYER's payment shall be through below phases:

PHASE I - Data Collecting and Pre-payment

At this phase, the BUYER should:
- Purchase a Host
- Chose a Website template
- Provides all information, contents and photos that should be put in the Website
- Settle a pre-payment of %30 of the agreed total price

The job can be started whenever ALL of the above required items are provided to SpecificITWeb.

Note: Within 72 hours from pre-payment, E-mails are created and Outlook settings are informed to the BUYER; also, the Website can be visible to everyone under ‘Maintenance Mode’.

PHASE II - Preview of the Website

15 to 20 days after receiving the whole aforementioned items from the buyer, a complete ‘Preview of the Website’ is provided to the BUYER for their review and corrections. This Preview shows all contents, pages, photos and formats that the final version of the website will have. At this stage the buyer can ask for any changes and editions; except the template and format.

By submitting the 'Website Preview' to the buyer, the next %50 of the total agreed price shall be invoiced to the client. The BUYER is committed to settle it into SpecificITWeb account accordingly within 1 week.

PHASE III - Delivery of the Final Website

By receiving the 'Website Preview', the buyer has 10-15 days to inform us about all required changes and editions they wish to have on the Preview. The requested changes are finalized within 7-10 working days by SpecificITWeb and then after, the Final Website is submitted to the BUYER to be launched.

Afterwards, the remained %20 of the total agreed price will be invoiced to the BUYER for their settlement.

PHASE IV - Free Training, Maintenance and Support

For the next 30 days after launching the final Website, we will provide free maintenance and support services to the BUYER. This free service is limited to updating, editing of the contents/photos and maintenance of the Website. Any changes of the format, adding new pages and similar items are not included in this free service and would have extra charges that needs to be discussed and agreed by the buyer before taking any action.

The methods of updating contents, adding and editing data and photos and all other similar subjects are being taught to the BUYER through videos.

PHASE V - Long-term Support and Maintenance Services

If a clients needs Support and Maintenance Services for their Website, they can make a long-term contract with SpecificITWeb. Relevant costs should be agreed between SpecificITWeb and the BUYER by considering the needs and requests of the BUYER, website condition, contract duration and the payment type that can be as follows:

A) Fixed monthly amount
B) A case-by-case basis payment (invoice to the BUYER after job completion. It's amount depends on the work type and the time spent on it)

Note 1: Long-term Support and Maintenance Services are offered to all websites (designed by SpecificITWeb or any other companies). For the Websites designed by SpecificITWeb, 20% discount will be applied.

Note 2: If the BUYER asks for changes which need re-designed of the Website, there will be extra charges. When both parties agreed on the extra charges, the changes would be made.
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