The price of website design and SEO is determined by different factors and possibilities. VgoWeb has more than many years experience Website design and search engine optimization is ready to provide services to our clients.

Generally, cost of website design depend on different  factors such as maximum monthly traffic, number of pages, visitors, online payment features, dynamic or static of web pages and content management system.

In addition, if you search for web design or SEO costs on Google, you will find some ads that offer you cheap prices for doing these services; however these ads are often fake and are much more expensive.

If you are considering setting up a website for your business, just contact us and talk to our site design consultants. During the consultation, the price of the web design will be determined according to your wishes and needs. It is good to specify your web page requirements before the consultation. This will make the site design price more accurate. Your business may be brand new or you’ve been working for years and now you just want to design your own website, each of them has different prices. We will be with you throughout the project.


Our clients talk about us

  • In the condition we were in that much hurry, this team could give us very good and fast service.
    Azim Hanif
  • I'm very fastidious and sensitive about quality. They were so patient in tolerating my too many change requests. Finally I got what I wanted. Great Job guys. 
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