Warranty, Cancelation and Refund

SpecificIT guarantees all services purchased from the SpecificIT.com website. All customers who shop from SpecificIT are deemed to have accepted the Warranty, Cancelation and Refund terms and condition and it is members' responsibility to read, understand and comply with all terms and rules on our website: www.SpecificIT.com.

After delivering the final Website to the customer in a safe and appropriate manner, for any possible problem, SpecificIT Web should be consulted and the BUYER can contact our customer representative through number +61 410 289 817.

Cancelation and Refund Conditions:

(A) The buyer has the right to cancel his order without any justification at any time and without penalty. However, due to the fast and time-scheduled work of SpecificIT (as a result of its commitments), the refund amount in different stages will differ and the BUYER is required to fulfill its obligations in accordance to the this Cancelation Condition.

(B) To cancel the order, the BUYER should provide a written announcement stating the cancellation reason. Then, that part of the cost which complies with the below conditions, will be refunded to his credit / debit card within 14 working days from the announcement. This refund may take between 1-6 weeks to be reflected on BUYER's credit / debit card by the bank.

(C) The refund amounts in different phases of delivery will be as follows:

Order Cancelation in PHASE I of delivery:
If client cancels the project within 72 hours after the pre-payment settlement date, the amount shall be refunded to the client after deducting the transferring costs as well as a %10 deduction for administration and overhead.

Order Cancelation in PHASE II of delivery:
● If project is canceled within 1 week after the pre-payment date, %50 of the pre-payment amount shall be refunded to client’s account. The transferring cost shall be born by the client.

● By passing more than 1 week from the pre-payment date, there shall be no refunding of the pre-payment. At this stage if the ‘Website Preview’ has been already available, the buyer shall be committed to pay %30 of the agreed total price for the man-days spent on the project and preparing the Preview.

Order Cancelation in PHASE III of delivery:
If project is canceled by the client at this phase, there shall be no refunding.
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